It is very difficult to express what Pasting does exactly. How it feels, what happens etc. It is a very individual experience and some effects are so multifaceted, that it’s hard to present a clear overall picture.

In spite of that, some participants tried their very best to put words to their experiences, to give you some idea what it’s all about.

I consider ‘my’ Pasting to be very special. During Syl’s treatment, I could feel what part of my body was focused on, several times, and later on it matches the report I received.
This report contained a lot of relevant comments that gave me food for thought.
It offers a loving view of automatic reactions that sneaked into my life and I don’t even notice anymore, because they became so common.
The Pasting gave me an opportunity to change this.
I think you can only understand what Pasting does, if you can experience it yourself. There is no doubt in my mind: I will have another Pasting!



I just finished my forth Pasting. I do remember my first one. I was tense and a little scared, but that disappeared after the first session. I still am excited, but there’s no fear. More joy and excited about what would come out this time.
It is more like a party, now. And sure, some patterns that come up are not easy to look at, but I know by now I always have a choice. It doesn’t have to heavy, I can make it light.

From the first Pasting there’s a healing enery streaming that lifts energy that has been there for a long time and keeps my energy blocked. Piece by piece they crumble and are shown to me. I can see clearly that sometimes it a piece of the same pit. This allows me to peel off the layers. Experiences, situations I’m in, look like previous ones, but I can recognize the spiral. The next experience is just a turn higher so my pit can be illuminated from all sites.

The constant support, encouragement, assistance, love and connection I get from Syl during these Pasting process fill me with gratitude and a feeling of being blessed.
The support of my fellow Pasting participants is also very valuable.


I found the treatment to be very special.
It was very unusual (and fun) for me to notice something and receiving messages. I noticed, for instance, that they said: ‘let go, open your crown chakra’ and that they were working on my throat and felt I should not swallow.
Well, this swallowing is a very obvious pattern of mine. I swallow a lot of things I don’t want to swallow, but I’m afraid of conflicts (because all I want is to be liked) so I do anyway.

Also very special was the way my patters became clear. At one point my partner even mirrored a pattern! Pretty funny, actually.
He did what I ‘normally’ do and I reacted how he does (with the same thoughts and feelings with it). I realised what happened and had a good laugh about it.
It is not always fun to see the patterns, however. Sometimes I didn’t want to see them, I didn’t want to accept that was me too. It’s a characteristic that I pushed away very far, because I really don’t want to own it.

And then it’s terrific to fall back on the aftercare on the private forum where Syl and the other ‘Pasters’ help you piece together the puzzle. And help you accept yourself completely.
My Pasting was all about recognizing the patterns. I did not have to do anything with them yet. But when a pattern becomes clear, you can already choose to react in a different way.
It is great to become aware of your reactions and understand them. And that you are creating your life.
To me this was a big revolution!


Pasting is doing a lot for me. I learn to know myself (what I’m not enjoying all the time), I see why I do what I do and why I react as I do.
I really love the fact that time is not an issue. Nobody is pushing me, at the most stirring me up a little.
On the other hand I miss a stern hand, because I’m very good in hiding.
I do realize that it’s all about not wanting/daring to accept responsibility for my own development. I would love to put it all in the hands of someone else, so I cannot make a mistake.
But a lot of things are clear now and I can work with that. The fact I don’t always do work with that (mostly, I’m afraid) is one of the big patterns Pasting is showing me. Responsibility. Yep. It’s a hot item.

I’m SO enthusiastic about Pasting, I know I will sign up for the training as soon as it’s possible.


Pasting is bringing old subconscious and limiting thoughts to the now for me. It helped me to recognize indefinable feelings and penetrate and transform the root of it, so it is not longer working against me.
Pasting showed me how many ‘automatic pilots’ are in me, that determined for many years how I react, without knowing why and without asking myself if my response was appropriate.
It helps me to escape this feeling of being a victim and turns me into a fully aware adult that can choose her life, freed from the past and free to go.


Pasting is such a cleaning, stirring and healing energy, it helped to feel who I am.
I’ve already done a lot, did a lot of soul searching, so to speak. But this method touches the core of several patterns that I was holding on to.
Even forgotten memories came to the surface. Memories that had a power over my thoughts, that kept me in my place and gave me a feeling I didn’t belong. It was a relief to recognize them and letting them go.

The better contact with myself is the most important aspect of Pasting to me. To believe in my strength more and more.
By taking all my mirrors in consideration, I start to accept all aspects of myself.
They are just stories, that I can read again to find the message.
The old patterns don’t give up easily, by the way. But by accepting them, embracing them, it does become lighter.
But I can still pot away at something, because letting go of the control…that is not always easy to do! But WOW! I think Pasting is a great discovery!


Pasting meant a lot to me. The messages made me aware of my thinking and doing. It helped me to work on deep, suppressed things, that were interfering with my happiness.